Tuesday, November 18, 2014

You Have No Excuse

There are fewer things I find more repulsive and disgusting that fatness. Fatness is weakness, weakness is unacceptable, and the acceptance of weakness is downright intolerable.
            You can probably tell by now that I’m not a huge fan of the relatively recent wave of “I am beautiful” campaigns. In fact, I hate them with all that I am. I hate this settling for mediocrity, this acceptance of sloth, and this glorification of gluttony. They’re nothing more than a bunch of weak willed, soft bodied, initiative lacking, weaklings who are seeking acceptance despite their shortcomings and attempting to convince themselves that it’s okay to suck.
            Physical fitness is one of the single most important aspects of human life. Being physically fit leads to higher energy levels, higher libido, better rest, longer life expectancy, and improved mood, to name a few things. Despite all these plus sides, a disgustingly high number of people, Americans in particular, are not doing anything to preserve their physical wellbeing; they eat a shit diet, they can’t be bothered to get up and walk a mile, much less go lift weights or do actual cardio for an hour. It’s disgusting (get ready to see that word a lot). It is a duty of a man to keep himself in good physical condition, I’m not saying you have to look like Jay Cutler or be able to run like Hickam El Garouj, but you should strive to maintain the best physical condition you can. Whether you lift five or six days a week, swim laps, run trails, row, or bicycle, physical fitness is one of the keys to not only being healthy but being a man.
            Alongside keeping active and challenging yourself physically, one must also eat a healthy diet (as in what you eat, not some plan from a magazine). It’s not hard to do at all. I don’t mean cut out carbs or fats or anything of that nature, quite the contrary, those things all aid in proper recovery from exercise. What you should cut out, or at least cut back, is processed foods, trans-fats, saturated fats, and empty calories. This is nowhere near hard enough a task to justify the amount of obesity in this country. Instead of eating deep fried potato chips, eat some unbuttered popcorn or some baby carrots, substitute oatmeal for sugary cereals, eat more vegetables (I find raw spinach to be excellent and filling). It’s not that hard.
            This year, an English television personality by the name of Katie Hopkins undertook a weight gain of fifty pounds to show that obesity was purely the fault of the person in question, not genetics or some other factor outside their control. After gaining her fifty pounds, she said she would lose the weight just as easily as she gained it through simple exercise and a sensible diet. She has 35 pounds to go. I’d tend to agree with Katie, except for maybe a handful of percentages of serious conditions that actually do cause obese levels of weight retention, I’d say that obese people have no one but themselves to blame. 
            Fat people are fat not because they’re big-boned, they have bad genetics, or some bullshit made-up psychological disorder (notwithstanding actual rare psychological disorders associated with severe chemical imbalances in the brain), but because they are weak willed, they lack the personal initiative and drive to get off their lazy, entitled asses and exercise, to actually think about what they put in their bodies as fuel, and are ultimately undisciplined. They expect to be able to live and eat like sedentary filth and not have any negative repercussions, and when they do, they don’t have the fortitude to admit that it’s their fault, so they make some ridiculous excuse and then scream at the world that they are beautiful and that we should accept them and their weakness because they’re too lazy and pitiful to change anything about themselves.

            I say no, stop accepting mediocrity, stop glorifying fatness, stop being weak. Get off your asses, show some self-discipline, exercise some personal initiative, and make a positive change in your life.


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